Communications Standards Review ceased publications on August 1, 2002.
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In June, 2003, the complete library of Communications Standards Review (1990 to 2002, Volumes 1 through 13) will be located at the Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology (, located in Kansas City, Missouri. The Linda Hall Library is the largest privately endowed science, engineering and technology library in the world and a major (perhaps the major) repository of standards work-in-progress documents and history in the US.

The entire CSR library of telecommunications standardization work will be acessible via the Linda Hall Library Internet service, Leonardo, after September 2, 2003. All issues of Communications Standards Review will be available on Leonardo, allowing key word and date order searches for prior art.

For more information, please see the joint Press Release.

If you are interested in reports from current standards meetings, please see
Telcordia Standards Knowledgebase (TSK)

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CSR Telecom Acronym Definitions
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