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Dr. Jacques A. Besseyre
43, Chemin des COLLES
06800 Cagnes sur Mer, France
Tel: +33 (0) 4 93 20 45 94
Fax: +33 (0) 4 92 38 49 29
Mobile: +33 (0) 6 07 10 63 15
[email protected]

European Telecommunication Standards Expert for more than ten years can provide your company the following types of consulting services:

Jimmy Kim
Hicotech, Inc.
2000 Wyatt Drive, #9
Santa Clara, CA 95054, USA
Tel: 408-748-9971 ext. 11
Fax: 408-748-9973
Cell: 408-489-3636
[email protected]

HICOTECH is an international digital media service company, headquarted in Silicon Valley with offices in Korea and China. Established in 1992, HICOTECH began as an export/import firm working with overseas companies, helping them to achieve compliance with key safety standards such as UL, CSA, FCC, ANSI, SGCC, IRAM, AGA which are indispensable for exporting companies. Today, HICOTECH continues to import and export but has expanded into digital media services and e-business to be a complete solution for their clients. It has three core business areas: Content/Design, Consulting Services and Business-to-Business Services.

Bill Pechey
Computency Limited
Jays Lodge
Crays Pond
Reading, RG8 7QG
United Kingdom
Tel: +44 870 740 1123
Fax: +44 870 740 1126
[email protected]

Bill Pechey has worked in international standards since 1978 in ITU, ETSI and 3GPP. He is UK coordinator and delegation leader for ITU-T SG16 and is Rapporteur for Question 12/16 (DCE-DCE protocols). His work in ETSI has been mainly concerned with GSM data standards, moving to 3GPP when the work was transferred. He attends ETSI TM6 meetings dealing with DSL matters. In the last few years his interests have broadened to include Bluetooth and wireless LANs.

Bill Schmidt
Telecom Standards Solutions
Tel: +1 480-802-6635
[email protected]
Telecom Standards Solutions has over 30 years of meeting and management experience in telecommunications Standards Development Organizations. In addition to offering a broad range of consulting support such as training and mentoring for standards initiatives, TSS specializes in providing companies with standards activities programs based upon program management technology and tools, data base visibility and performance measurement.

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Related Resources: Formal Telecommunications Standards Organizations


The International Telecommunications Union is a treaty organization of the United Nations which has as members each country on the planet. It is also the oldest telecommunications standards organization, dating back to 1865. It recently adopted the name ITU as the name of its standards work, replacing the name International Telegraph and Telephone Consultative Committee (in French the acronym was CCITT). As an organization of governments, the ITU is also the most formal of the formal telecommunications standards organizations.

The standards work in the ITU is divided into two sections, ITU-Telecommunications (ITU-T) and ITU-Radiocommunications (ITU-R). Each section is organized into Study Groups. Study Groups are divided in Working Parties, and then further divided into Questions. The work in a Question is led by a Rapporteur (French word meaning facilitator), and the working meetings are termed Rapporteur meetings.


Telecommunications industry Association is the formal organization responsible for the standards of the telecommunications equipment that connects to the US telecommunications network. The TIA is closely aligned with the Electronic Industries Association, an organization tracing its origin back to 1944.

ATIS Committee T1

Alliance for Telecommunications Industry Solutions (ATIS) Committee T1 is the formal organization responsible for the telecommunications network standards.

In summary, TIA develops the US national standards for the equipment that connects to the telecommunications network and ATIS T1 develops the US national telecommunications standards for the network to which the equipment attaches.

In Canada

Standardization in Canada is the responsibility of the Standards Council of Canada and the National Standards System. Information Technology Standardization is tied to the international activities of the Joint Technical Committee on Information Technology (ISO/IEC JTC1) and in Canada to the Canadian Advisory Committee of JTC1 and the Technical Committee on Information Technology of the Canadian Standards Association (CSA/TCIT). Telecommunications are under the responsilibity of the International Telecommunication Union (ITU) and, in Canada, of the Canadian National Organization for the ITU (CNO/ITU-T, CNO/ITU-R) and the Steering Committee on Telecommunications of the CSA (CSA/SCOT).

ISACC is the Information and Communications Technology Standards Advisory Council of Canada.

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Related Resources: Company Links

(in alphabetical order)


56K.COM is an independent web site for K56flex and x2 information. It features a 56K buyer's guide, upgrade guide, troubleshooting guide, init strings, drivers, and firmware updates.

Ben's Bookmarks

Ben's Bookmarks is a resource site for Cisco certification, training and jobs.

Berkeley Design Technology, Inc.

Berkeley Design Technology, Inc. is the leading source source of independent, objective technical analysis, information, and services in digital signal processing technology. Their industry reports, "Buyer's Guide to DSP Processors," "DSP on General-Purpose Processors," and "DSP Design Tools and Methodologies," provide design engineers, managers, and marketers with rigorous, in-depth evaluations of DSP chips, tools, software, and design techniques. BDT also provides consulting services, custom studies, training, and DSP firmware development.

Cellular Networking Perspectives

Cellular Networking Perspectives is a monthly bulletin that explains wireless standards and technology based on the TIA "AMPS" analog and digital cellular and PCS standards. It not only provides news, but also concise but technically accurate summaries of standards that have been published, or that are under development. This information is always presented in a context of global market awareness. It also provides regular updates of the status of each revision of both air interface and network standards. Information about the major vendors of a technology is included when relevant to a technical discussion.


Now a conference with complementing exhibits devoted specifically and exclusively to Digital Subscriber Line (DSL), concentrating on what is becoming the most exciting technological advancement in widening the telecommunications bandwidth in decades. DSLcon is designed to help in the quest to bring together equipment vendors, service providers and end-users/early adopters. In short, DSLcon will address the technology and application options and challenges necessary to rapidly bring this bandwidth enhancement to fruition.


eSP is the industry's first web portal dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions that accelerate the development of products based upon emerging standards and protocols.

European Telecoms Intelligence BulletinEuropean Telecoms Intelligence Bulletin

Keep One Step Ahead in the Telecoms Market - European Telecoms Monitor (ETIB) is a 24-page monthly Newsletter analysing the major developments in the European telecommunications market. We provide you with independent analysis on over 25 national markets. From Ireland to the Ukraine, from Portugal to Finland, we bring you the most up-to-date intelligence on policies, projects, markets and strategies...Download your free copy today!

Full Service Access Network (FSAN)

FSAN is a forum for the worlds leading telecommunications services providers and equipment suppliers to work towards a common goal of truly broadband access networks.


GlobalTechnoScan is a New Delhi based consulting company, founded in 1991. It works in two main areas:
(a) Technology Transfer and International Business Development
(b) Corporate Finance
Their web site, "Online Technology Transfer Market Place," acts as a comprehensive business information resource for the high technology industry in the areas of Research and Development, Venture Capital and Financing, Patents and Intellectual Property and helps in finding strategic alliances and partnering opportunities for companies and organizations all over the world.
Their web site also contains a weekly magazine on new technology, Business Opportunities on Technology Transfer, Licensing, Financing of Research etc., Sections on Intellectual Property and Patents, Trade Shows and Conferences, Science and Technology Policy, Venture Capital & Finance, with VC funding opportunities. The link section provides several useful links to International Technology and Professional Contacts in many areas.

International Center for Standards Research (ICSR)

ICSR is a new (October 1998) program at the University of Colorado to advance the theory and practice of standardization on a worldwide basis through unbiased, innovative research and education involving the engineering, business, policy, legal, economic, and social aspects of standards-related activities and products. For further information on this program contact Bjorn Eriksen (303-492-3653 or [email protected]) or visit the ICSR web site http://www.StandardsResearch.ORG

IHS Communications Products

IHS provides CDROMs with various groupings of standards and other information, including FCC forms.

King Products

King products is a leader in the design and development of Public Access Computing solutions, which deliver information, and services in a public space. King is an independent developer with the ability to design, engineer and manufacture public space turn-key communications solutions. Products range from Multimedia payphones to e-commerce and wayfinding interactive terminal systems for the Telecommunications, Financial, Retail and Transportation industries.

Mobile IN

All about mobile communications, intelligent networks and applications. This site provides tutorials, white papers, information and other resources about mobile communications.

Patton & Associates

International Telecom Design, Type Approvals & Consultancy

Point Topic provides detailed up-to-date profiles of broadband DSL or ADSL services worldwide. Information includes DSL coverage, numbers of DSL subscribers, DSL service data rates, DSL tariffs, DSL technology suppliers, DSL marketing and DSL regulation.

Robotics resources

directory of Robotics-related websites.

Telecom Web Report

Scott Roleson of Hewlett Packard prepares the Telecom Web Report for TIA TR-41.9, (Terminal Attachment Programs). It is a compilation of Web resources dealing with telecommunications that he encountered in the normal course of his daily work, or from information supplied by correspondents.

The Safety Link

The web's most comprehensive collection of electrical product safety and standards links (now approaching 400).

TIS: Telecommunication Information Services

TIS is a service-based company which provides updated regulatory information regarding rules for certification of telecommunications equipment in the United States and 100 other countries around the world.


TTA is an international professional products and services company which supports its clients to overcome the technical trade and commercial barriers that exist when entereing new international markets.

757 Greer Road
Palo Alto, CA USA 94303-3024
Tel: +1 650 856-8836

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