More Information on the Cessation of Business of CSR
and Ken and Elaine's Future Plans

Effective August 1, 2002 Communications Standards Review will cease operations and transfer its subscribers to similar reports from Telcordia. Subscribers will receive reports in the "Access Technology Subset" of the Telcordia Standards Knowledgebase (TSK).

The Access Technology Subset of the TSK includes reports from ATIS T1E1, TIA TR-41, US Study Groups B and D, ITU-T Study Groups 9, 15 and 16 and ETSI TIPHON. These reports cover standardization activities quite close to what has been provided by CSR. In addition, the TSK reports provide extensive background information and commentary to help readers understand the "big picture" and also include Telcordia experts' analysis of the significant issues at major meetings. The Telcordia TSK plenary meeting reports are very timely, being available to subscribers within five days of standards meetings.

For further information on all the standardization reporting products and services available from TSK's impressive web-based standards information resource, go to Or contact Cliff Halevi of Telcordia ([email protected]) who designed and manages the TSK system.

Elaine and Ken have had the real pleasure of working with many CSR subscribers for over 12 years. Your support of our efforts has been very important to us. CSR has been a labor of love for us for all these years, but it is time to begin the next phase of our lives. Ken is now focusing his efforts on standards research as a Fellow at the University of Colorado International Center for Standards Research (we will continue to live in Palo Alto, CA), and Elaine will continue to edit his writing. Several new papers are in progress as well as a book. This CSR web site will continue to provide access to Ken's research and papers.

The field of standards remains one of the most important aspects of human endeavor, and we shall miss not being on the cutting edge of the exciting technologies we have seen develop. Even more, we shall miss the good fellowship of the many creative people who make the standards that allow the world to communicate. It has been our real privilege and pleasure to work with them.

Ken Krechmer and Elaine Baskin

Elaine Baskin and Ken Krechmer

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